Laser Coaching

If you’re feeling something like this,
you’re in the right place.

Because, with the best will in the world, sometimes we just get stuck, and we’re not sure which is the best way.

Things like…

  • Your dreamiest client booked a sales call and you’re already negotiating a discount in your head. Yup. I see you.
  • You’re stuck going back and forth on this one decision, so you’re finding yourself doing nothing instead. 🙄
  • You’ve been saying you’ll [insert key action step] every day for a week but suddenly there’s an awful lot of laundry to do, and you’re fighting an uncontrollable urge to take a nap.
  • You’re just not sure, I mean… it seeeeems ok, but you’d just like to run through it with someone before you hit go.


Let’s just take care of it and get you moving again.


This super-focused single session will get right to the heart of the matter. It will equip and empower you with the simple steps and mindset you need to get moving again. You’ll be amazed how much can shift.

💥  Uncover what’s holding you back, slowing you down or keeping you stuck on this one particular issue.

💥  Get my 1:1 help to move that obstacle out of your way.

💥  Make a 100% all-in decision that your whole self agrees to, so you can stop the back and forth and see the wood for the trees again.

💥  Get into clear, confident, empowered action that you know is taking you in the right direction.


Book a 40 minute laser coaching call for just £167.


note: This offer is available to you exclusively as a current member of Brilliance Rising, and must be used during the course of your enrolment. Any sessions purchased will expire at the same date as your membership. Please be sure to use them before then.